Honorary Associate Professor Janet Lee


Research School of Accounting

Honorary Associate Professor
Phone number
+61 2 612 54336
Room 2055, PAP Moran Bld (26B)
Research areas

Public sector/Not-for-profit financial accounting; Public sector performance measurement and reporting; Corporate governance; Corporate social reporting.


Janet Lee is an Associate Professor of Accounting. Her primary research interests are in public sector financial accounting and reporting, performance reporting and users’ information needs. Janet’s research examines the usefulness of: financial information for decision making by public sector/not for profit users and preparers; and non-financial performance information for public sector accountability. Her works are published in journals including Financial Accountability & ManagementAccounting and FinanceAccounting and Business ResearchAccounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, and The International Journal of Accounting. Janet also co-authored a book in public sector accounting and accountability.

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Research publications

Refereed Journal Publications

Thoradeniya, P., Lee, J., Tan, R. and Ferreira, A. (2022) "From intention to action on sustainability reporting: the role of individual, organisational and institutional factors during war and post-war periods", British Accounting Review, Vol. 54, Issue 1, Article 101021.

Thoradeniya, P., Ferreira, A., Lee, J. and Tan, R. (2021) “The diffusion of sustainability key performance indicators in a developing country context”, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Vol.34, Issue 5, pp.1246-1274.

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Funnell, W., Cooper, K., and Lee, J. (2012), Public Sector Accounting and Accountability in Australia, Second Edition, UNSW Press.

Research engagement and outreach

Member of the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand

Member of the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research

Supervision of PhD and Honours students

Janet previously served as the Deputy Director (Education) of the Research School of Accounting.


BUSN3006 Public Sector Accounting

BUSN7006 Public Sector Accounting and Reporting

BUSN3008 Financial Reporting by Corporations

BUSN7049 Corporate Financial Reporting