Professor Neil Fargher

Neil Fargher


Research School of Accounting

Emeritus Professor
Phone number
+61 2 612 50541
Room 2040, PAP Moran Bld (26B)
Research areas

Financial accounting; Auditing and accountability.


Neil Fargher is a Professor of Accounting. His research is focused in the areas of auditing and financial accounting, in particular, how risk is measured, communicated to the market, and received by investors. Neil has explored specific issues including the demand for auditing, audit report qualifications, measuring types of risk, leverage, hedge effectiveness, valuation, and assurance services for public offerings. His evaluation of regulatory initiatives directed at audit firms to improve audit quality was funded by the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Project scheme. Neil’s research is published in prestigious journals including Auditing: A Journal of Practice and TheoryContemporary Accounting Research, and Management Science. His work has also appeared in industry and practice publications including The CPA Journal and Australian Accounting Review.

Research publications

ANU Researcher Profile:

Publications include:

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Research grants and awards


2013 Australian Research Council Discovery Project

2012 Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Grant 


2015 ANU College of Business and Economics award for Excellence in Supervision

2014 Award for Outstanding Service to Auditing: a Journal of Practice & Theory

2013 Peter Brownell Manuscript Award

Research engagement and outreach

Member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) Academic Advisory Panel



BUSN 4013/ BUSN 8013 Research Methods in Commerce


BUSN 1001 Business reporting and analysis

BUSN 4100 / BUSN 8100 Seminal Research in Accounting