Australian National Centre for Audit & Assurance Research (ANCAAR)

ANCAAR fosters, develops and disseminates research in auditing and assurance that is of significance to policy makers, practitioners and users.


19th ANCAAR Audit Research Forum: 3-4 December 2021 (subject to confirmation)

The call for papers will be released after the AFAANZ Conference. The closing date for submissions will be around 8 October 2021.
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18th ANCAAR Audit Research Forum: 4 December 2020

This year, the Forum was on-line and emphasised new papers by PhD candidates and early career researchers. Over 90 people registered for the Forum.

Summer Research Scholars: the research internship program is suspended for 2020-21.

The 2019-20 Summer Research Scholars were Lingyan Li (BAcc), Hi (Alex) Shuai (BAcc), Pirah Mukhtiar (Macc), Zilong Li (MAcc) and Yijing Wang (MAcc).

Recent noteworthy auditing publications by ANCAAR members:

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