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ANCAAR fosters, develops and disseminates research in auditing and assurance that is of significance to policy makers, practitioners and users.


20th ANCAAR Audit Research Forum: 2-3 December 2022

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Summer Research Scholars 2021-2022

ANCAAR hosted two research interns for the summer of 2021-22: Vineet Singh and Dimath Udugama.

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Recent noteworthy auditing publications by ANCAAR members:

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Wang, K.T., Wu, Y., & Ho, K.-Y. Internal Control Reporting and Cost of Debt. International Review of Economics and Finance, 76, 2021: 1323-1346. Available here.

Khoo, E. S., Y. Lim & G. S. Monroe. Audit Committee Members’ Reputation Incentives and Their Effectiveness in Monitoring the Financial Reporting Process. Abacus, 56(3), 2020: 348-406. Available here

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