Australian National Centre for Audit & Assurance Research (ANCAAR)

ANCAAR fosters, develops and disseminates research in auditing and assurance that is of significance to policy makers, practitioners and users.


19th ANCAAR Audit Research Forum: 3-4 December 2021. (dual delivery in-person + online, COVID restrictions permitting)

The closing date for submissions is Friday 8 October 2021. 

Submissions must be sent as email attachments to (only).

Preference will be given to papers that have not previously been presented at a conference or submitted to a journal. Your submission email should include a statement in this regard. As in previous years, we strongly encourage submissions from PhD candidates and Early Career Researchers. 

Outcomes will be notified by 25 October.

Enquiries to

Summer Research Scholars 2021-2022

The research internship program is recommencing for the summer of 2021-22. Enquiries to

Recent noteworthy auditing publications by ANCAAR members:

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