Accounting in the new world

Accounting data visualisation

The ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) has launched two new specialisations for the Master of Accounting – Analytics for Accounting, and Sustainability and Accounting.

Providing a world-class educational experience in accounting, this program offers students the opportunity to tailor their credentials.

Skills in accounting analytics are essential in today’s data-driven world, and there is a growing demand for information on the broader social and environmental aspects of organisational performance.

Dr Stanley Choi, the program convenor, discusses the benefits of having the specialisations and how they will equip students with a competitive advantage in the job market.


Q. What skills can students expect to develop from undertaking the Analytics for Accounting specialisation?

In the current highly data-driven business environment, this specialisation is pertinent given the growing use of data analytics in accounting. Students will be able to perform various analyses and develop valuable insights on financial and non-financial performance based on systematic examination of the vast amount of available accounting information. They will learn tools and techniques for identifying and analysing large amounts of data to address broader management issues and make the right decisions. Students will also attain knowledge related to current issues in analytics in accounting.

Together, the four courses develop an analytical mindset and critical-thinking skills, equipping those enrolled with the ability to identify relevant accounting information to make decisions that will create value for businesses.

Q. Why is it important to offer a specialisation in Sustainability and Accounting in the current business landscape?

The importance of sustainability reporting in corporate disclosure has grown exponentially with the demand for information on the broader social and environmental aspects of organisational performance.

Accounting for sustainability is becoming increasingly central to corporate reporting and disclosure, such that the accounting profession has to be able to step up and produce verifiable sustainability information.

This specialisation introduces the underlying theories in accounting and corporate governance, the benefits and challenges of accounting for sustainability, and promotes awareness of current research into this area. Ultimately, with this specialisation, students are equipped with the skills to meet the needs of future businesses in an accounting and much broader business management context.

Q. How will these new offerings transform the experience of the Master of Accounting, and help students stand out in the job market?

Master of Accounting students will have an opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of an area of growing demand in the accounting and business world. Additionally, they will interact with experts in the field and learn from fellow students with similar interests in the area.

Undertaking a specialisation signals an in-depth understanding of either Analytics for Accounting or Sustainability and Accounting, two increasingly important areas that organisations and the accounting profession are emphasising. Employers are looking for graduates with crucial skills in applying appropriate analytics on accounting data. Students with an in-depth understanding of sustainability for organisation success and related reporting practices are in high demand. Having one of these highly-desirable specialisations will give graduating students a competitive edge.

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