Allan Barton Memorial Research Lecture 2023

Emeritus Professor Allan Barton
Emeritus Professor Allan Barton

The Allan Barton Memorial Research Lecture is an annual event jointly organised by CPA Australia, and the ANU Research School of Accounting.


This year’s Lecture topic is the Changing Role of Chief Financial Officers in the Australian Public Sector. The Lecture will cover the more significant issues facing Chief Financial Officers today in performing their roles in the Australian Public Sector, but with a clear focus on anticipated changes in the years ahead – including in relation to the likely accounting developments, issues such as sustainability and other matters relating to non-financial performance reporting, and any other public sector specific developments arising from government and/or parliamentary priorities.


The lecture will be delivered by Janine Bristow, Chief Finance Officer, Australian Taxation Office. Commentary will be provided by Tom Moloney, Senior Partner, KPMG.

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