New Double Master program delivers dual competency

Dr Stanley Choi and Dr Anna von Reibnitz standing side by side

The ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) has announced its new double Master program – Master of Applied Accounting and Master of Financial Management.

In the two-year program, students will be equipped with core knowledge and skills in accounting and finance that are essential for financial decision-making in business.

Students will undertake a combination of courses in the two disciplines during each semester, in order to develop the competencies concurrently. Those with prior studies in accounting and finance may have the opportunity to choose more advanced or specialised courses.

Program convenors, Dr Anna von Reibnitz and Dr Stanley Choi, discuss what students will experience and gain from doing the double Master, and why this dual competency is sought after by employers.

Q. What skills can students expect to develop from undertaking the Master of Applied Accounting and Master of Financial Management?

This program provides students with complementary studies in accounting and in finance, two disciplines that are deeply connected to one another. It develops critical thinking, encourages an analytical mindset, and equips students with the skills to identify and use accounting and financial information crucial for business decision-making.

Graduates will develop skills in many aspects of accounting and finance, including: auditing and assurance, budgeting, forecasting, financial valuation, financial modelling, and capital structure management – which can open the way to careers in banking, finance, investment, and accounting, in both the private and public sectors.

Q. What are the benefits of obtaining an accounting and finance skillset in the current business landscape?

Employers want graduates with more expansive knowledge and understanding of the business world. The synergies of accounting and finance skills provide greater flexibility and choice in career paths. Understanding finance allows accountants to better contribute to corporate decision-making. Understanding accounting allows graduates working in finance roles to more credibly use accounting data and guide financial decision-making. Graduates are better prepared for careers that blend accounting and finance skills, such as a financial controller, financial planner, project accountant, financial analyst and roles in treasury, corporate development and investor relations.

Q. How will this new double master program transform the experience of the Master students, and help them stand out in the job market?

Students in this double Master program gain a rich understanding of two complementary areas of expertise currently in high demand in the business world – accounting and finance. This double Master program also allows students to undertake an internship as part of their studies. This invaluable workplace experience makes them more work-ready, increasing their appeal to employers and smoothing their transitions from university to work.

Applications for the Master of Applied Accounting and Master of Financial Management are now open. Click here to apply now.

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