Script viewing

RSA Semester 1 2024

Please note: Script Viewing for BUSN courses is only available on the days and times offered by RSA

Semester 1 2024 mid-semster exam scripts for BUSN Courses can be viewed on the following days :

  • Monday 22 April, 2:00 pm - 3:30pm
  • Tuesday 23 April, 2:00 pm - 3:30pm

Please note that this does not include Multiple Choice Answer Sheets. 

Please click here to access the booking calendar. 

Exam Script Viewing is a formal examination event and the following rules apply:

  • Student ID card required for viewing
  • Students only allowed to view their own scripts
  • No phone/no bags/no paper/no pens (to be left with event supervisor; paper and pens provided)
  • Phones, IPads, programmable calculators or cameras are prohibited. Calculators can be provided on request
  • No talking/discussion during viewing session
  • Multiple choice answer sheets are not available for viewing
  • For courses that have exam questions published on Wattle, RSA will provide a copy of the questions to view along with the exam script

After the Script Viewing

If you have any questions regarding your exam, you need to make an appointment with your lecturer to discuss the exam. Check your Wattle Course pages for more information from the lecturer.